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E33: Move better with Hyperice

January 05, 2021 Performance Optimal Health
Optimal Health Uncovered
E33: Move better with Hyperice
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It's time to revolutionize the way we move, and Director of Physical Therapy and Chiropractic Sales at Hyperice Eric Fernandez is doing just that. He joins Todd & Mike this week to discuss the importance of body maintenance and how percussion and thermal vibration can help soft tissue movement. This in turn helps speed up recovery, improve range of motion, decrease stiffness, accelerate a warmup and more. They also cover Hyperice's other products such as the vibrating Vyper foam roller, Hypersphere, & the Venom series, the last of which adds variable heat and vibration to a certain area to enhance muscle performance. Eric reviews Hyperice's new bluetooth capabilities as well as the ability to set goals through the app in order to gather data to measure activity. 

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Eric Fernandez with Hyperice

2 offices in Boston and Irvine, California

100+ employees

Body maintenance

Percussion, thermal, vibration are to help soft tissue movement

We started with the vibrating foam roller

Patient brought it in and said they loved the product

Trigger point and hypersphere

Greater utilization of hyperice products

Hypervolt gun

Its important to see early adopters of Hyperice products

Diverse line of products

Hypervolt percussion massage gun which can treat the whole body with a ton of benefits

Vyper foam roller

Traditional tools and enhance the results by adding vibration to them

Venom series which adds variable heat and vibration to a certain area

NormaTec uses pneumatic compression that address acute injuries

Bluetooth hypervolt can allow you to connect to app on your smart phone

Control the percussion speeds for different parts of the body

Helps deliver a higher level of education

Goal through the app gathers data to measure activity

Compliance to previous protocols

High quality and consistent percussion - 3200 percussions per minute.

Including fluid viscosity 

Comes down to power – Hypervolt Go, Hypervolt Plus, and Hypervolt regular

Penetrating larger muscle groups

Official recovery partner of NFL

Newest evolution is to appeal to people who didn’t feel comfortable using the original version

The Hypervolt Go was designed for people who wanted less power and in a more cost-effective package

Trigger point relief

Stimulus to the muscle using a vibration technique

Start with personal use and evaluate results

Research supports the devices and vibratory patterns

Evidence based practice behind Hypervolt technology

Vyper 2.0 foam roller – efficacy vs a traditional foam roller – outperformed and showed a significant increase range of motion

Pro golfers increased 5-10 yards after using the vibrating foam roller

Feel good factor

Decreases delayed onset muscle soreness

Hypersphere and hypersphere mini

Vyper 2.0

Multiple vibration settings for custom use

Applying the hypersphere mini can dig in and produce better results in smaller areas

The hypersphere mini can be extremely versatile 

Thermal product line – Venom line of heat products

Venom is underutilized and a wearable

Venom back was the holiday gift of 2020

Shoulder attachments 

Kevin Wilk

Signed a recovery deal with NBA to be on courtside


PGA changed the rules so players could use Hypervolt products during play

Hyperice fits into our 4 pillars and practice model at Performance

Find them at Hyperice.com or Amazon